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What is Group Hospital and Surgical?

With Hospital and Surgical Insurance, employee will get the reimbursement of hospital treatment if he/she needs a hospital treatment or surgery that caused by illnesses or accidents. The reimbursement is adjusted accordingly to the chosen benefit.



How much is reimbursement amount from Hospital and Surgical beenfit?

The maximum amount is as equal to hospital treatment expenses and does not exceed the maximum benefits listed in the List of Hospital and Surgical Benefit each participant.



What is a surgical type A, B, C and D?

Type / category of Major surgery, Complex, Intermediate & Minor are  according to the provisions of the policy and will be considered as a reference to determine the category of surgery that will be paid by Generali.



If I take medications abroad, will I have to pay in the state's currency?

The claim payment will be paid within the applied currency based on policy. The applied currency is the rate that’s being used during the claim payment based on regulations.



What should i do if the hospitals' room of my medical plan are not available or fully booked?

Exceeded expenses will give impact to the other hospital’s treatment cost and that will be charged to the participant. Thus, it is advisable to choose the hospital’s rightly and accordingly to the health plan.

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