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Group - Out Patient Program

What is Out-Patient Insurance?

It’s the insurance that gives an outpatient treatment cost as compensation. The compensations are namely:

  1. Doctor’s consultation
  2. Medications
  3. Diagnostic Check-up
  4. Physiotherapy
  5. Vaccination



What is Co-Insurance?

Co-Insurance is part of the costs borne by participants. The amount is determined at the commencement of cooperation between the two sides.



I would like to get a medication but i didn't bring my participant card, can I still get service from the hospital?

The participant still can get the service with reimbursement system then apply a claim to Generali Indonesia



I can't use my card, it's broken, what should I do?

Participant can directly call to our Customer Service, the number is written on the back of the card



Is acupunture's medication being covered?

It will be covered if it is being conducted by doctor and based on medical prescription.



Is circumcision's being covered?

It will be covered if it's under medical prescription and it isn't included in policy exception.


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