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What products do Generali Indonesia offers to Individual customers?

We offer our selection products that will meet your financial needs in several distribution channels.


  • iPLAN
  • Generali Flexi Optima
  • UB Rich
  • Gemilang
  • We Flexi Pro


  • iDare
  • UB Pro Plus
  • iPRO
  • Provesta Optimum
  • VIP Pro
  • UBR Pro Plus
  • VIP Pro Invest
  • iDEAL
  • iCARE
  • Asuransi Perlindungan Kredit

Alternative Distribution Channel:

  • Asuransi Perlindungan Kredit
  • GenSafe

Accident & Health

  • Micro Insurance Personal Accident
  • Regular Personal Accident



How to become a customer of Generali Indonesia?

You may come or contact our Head Office, Generali Center dan Agency office.


Head Office PT Asuransi Jiwa Generali Indonesia

Generali Tower, 7th Floor, Gran Rubina Business Park, Rasuna Epicentrum

JL HR Rasuna Said Kavling C-22, Jakarta 12940

Telephone: (021) 15000-37

Fax: (021) 2902 1717


Generali Center - Medan

Uniland Building, East Tower, 4th Floor

Jalan Jendral MT Haryono No. A - 1, Medan 20231

Telephone: (061) 457 7557

Fax: (061) 455 5085


Generali Center - Surabaya

Intiland Tower, 3rd Floor (Sunken Area)

Jalan Panglima Sudirman No.101-103, Surabaya 60271

Telephone: (0231) 5354089

Fax: (0231)  535 4104



What is ARMS (Auto Risks Management System)?

Risk management facility that serves as a safety device in an investment and is able to optimize the return on investment that runs automatically and specially designed for Generali Indonesia’s products which consists of:

  • Auto Balancing
  • Auto Trading
  • Auto Re-Entry



What are the requirements of Policy Issuance?

Policy issuance requirements are as follow:

  • ID (KTP/SIM/Passport)
  • Illustrations, which were signed by the prospective Policy Holder and prospective insured
  • Power of attorney Debiting Credit Card/ Power of attorney Debit Account, if the payment method is auto debit
  • Copy of Credit Card / Copy of Savings Book
  • Proof of premium payment
  • Other requirements in accordance with the underwriting



What if I want to change the data on Policy?

If there are changes related to your Policy Data, such as correspondence data, phone numbers, beneficiaries, etc, please fill out the Policy alteration forms.



What if the premium payment has exceeded the grace period?

We provide a flexible premium payment within 45 days from the due date of premium payment. When it reaches to the end of the grace period and the premium is still not being paid, the Policy will be canceled for the time being, until we receive the submission of Policy revival by fulfilling the Revival form and completed other terms and conditions.



What should I do if I lose my Policy Document?

You may submit a request for a duplicate policy  :

  • Fulfill the alteration form
  • Attach a missing report letter from the Police that stated the Policy number
  • Duplicate Policy fee



How to pay the premium?

You can pay the premium via :

  • Auto Debit Credit Card
  • Auto Debit BCA account
  • Virtual Account by ATM BCA
  • Virtual Account by BCA’s counter
  • Transfer from other Bank (Clearance/RTGS)



How to pay the premium to Virtual Account via ATM BCA?

Here are the following instructions:

  • Select menu ”Other Transactions”.
  • Select menu “Transfer”.
  • Select menu “To BCA Virtual Account”.
  • Enter your Virtual Account number, select “Correct”.
  • Enter the nominal amount to be transferred, select “Correct”.
  • Select “Yes” if you have agreed with the payment confirmation.
  • Make sure all the numbers entered are correct.
  • Save the slip as a proof of payment.



How to pay the premium to Virtual Account via BCA's counter?

Here are the following instructions:

  • Write your Virtual Account number on the Customer’s account number.
  • Write “Generali Indonesia”on name of account holder.
  • Write the information ”Premium Payment” on message column.
  • Write the remitter name, address and phone number.
  • Write the remitter information whether as a customer or non customer.
  • Select Cash or Cheque number.
  • Write the nominal amount to be transferred.




How to pay the premium to Virtual Account via transfer from other bank (Clearance / RTGS)?

Here are the following instructions:

  • Write the complete beneficiary data :
  • Account  number “888”, Name “Generali Indonesia”, Beneficiary’s Bank “BCA”, Address “KCP Cyber 2”, Residential status, Nationality status.
  • Complete the charge & provision column.
  • Select the source of fund.
  • Write the nominal amount to be transferred.
  • Write your Virtual Account number on message column.



When the credit card will be debited?

We will debit your credit card every 5th, 15th and 25th based on the policy due date.



When the bank account will be debited?

Same as the Auto Debit Credit Card, we will debit the bank account every 5th, 15th and 25th based on the Policy due date.



Whom should I contact if there is a problem with my Policy?

Please contact your Agent or Customer Service Generali Indonesia at: 

T: (021) 1500037

F: (021) 021 2902 1717

Email: care@generali.co.id


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