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The Generali Global Graduate Program


The Generali Global Graduate Program


Aware that human capital is its most important asset, the Generali Group is constantly committed to finding motivated and talented people, as well as enhancing employees' opportunities by developing their professional skills and competencies. We are an ambitious global Group that is driving major change, is rich in opportunity, is truly multi-cultural and where people, teams and development really matter.


Lead your Future. Shape our Change”, the Generali Global Graduate Program, addresses talented graduates willing to start an international career.


Selected candidates will have the opportunity to learn and work in different business functions, experience international job rotations, together with on-the-job and off-the-job training, and virtual on-line studies. Group and individual project works will be present throughout the program as well as consistent and structured feedback.


Furthermore, the participants will attend the “Generali MIB Masters in Insurance Management” provided by MIB School of Management, one of the most prestigious business schools at international level in insurance, in partnership with Generali. They will start the program as Assicurazioni Generali Head Office employees  to eventually cover a “landing” position within one of the Generali Group companies in the world.


We look for candidates with a Master’s Degree in Economics, Finance, Business, IT, digital marketing or quantitative subjects (Mathematics, Statistics, etc.), a brilliant academic record, fewer than two years of work experience and full time availability during the 18-months program. Full working proficiency in English and at least in one other language is also required.


For more information please visit www.generali.com or contact us at GlobalGraduateProgram@Generali.com

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