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iPLAN is one of the innovative Unit-linked Life Insurance product with regular premium payment. It is designed particularly to give the protection and maximize the investment portion for an optimum return. iPLAN offers the flexibility for you to be equipped with varied Additional Coverages and investment instrument with measurable and manageable risk according to your options. 


iPLAN Primaries

  • Bonus 85
  • ARMS Investment Protection
  • Competitive Cost of Insurance
  • Withdrawal and Top Up at anytime
  • Fund Switching
  • Entry age up to 70 years old
  • Coverage Period until 99 years old


Insurance Rules


Insurance Benefits

Death Benefits

iPLAN is designed as a whole life plan that optimizes your protection upon the family’s quality of life against a multitude of uncertainties. 


Investment Benefits

iPLAN is equipped with the investment components which utilized to set the future family’s plan including educational plan for children, pension preparation, and inheritance preparation. Accordingly, iPLAN offers you the flexibility to choose the investment fund type that fits your profile. 


Bonus 85

Bonus 85 is a bonus in the form of cash which will be given on the Policy anniversary when the Insured reaches 85 (eighty-five) years and the Policy is active, without deducting basic Sum Assured. 



In order to minimize the investment risk due to the market uncertainties, iPLAN is equipped with Auto Risk Management System (ARMS) which consist of;


Varied Additional Insurance Options

iPLAN is equipped with varied additional insurance options, such as; 

1) This additional insurance is also available for couple and/or Child of the Insured

2) This additional insurance is also available for couple or Parents of the Insured

3) This additional insurance is also available for couple and/or Child or Parents of the Insured


For further information about this product, please kindly download the two documents down below;


Should you have any inquires, please do not hesitate to contact us ;

Phone; 15000-37 (Operational Hour; 08.00 – 17.00)

Or send us an email care@generali.co.id.


We will be delighted to give further information about the product detail.


Information on this page is not part of the contract of PT Asuransi Jiwa Generali Indonesia. Further information, requirements and the provision of the iPLAN product shall be referred to your iPLAN Insurance Policy.

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