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At Generali Indonesia we foster a collaborative culture where talented individuals can produce their best work. We value innovative thinking, diverse insights and we strive to offer an exceptional level of customer service through our expertise and professionalism.

The quality of our people will continue to be our key differentiator and we continue to offer outstanding career opportunities. We take pride in operating a knowledge organization and in developing. In recent years we have been building our resources across the practice.


Learning and development

Learning and development is a priority for all our people. Formal development opportunities include training and secondments and a wide range of learning programmes designed to develop technical and nontechnical skills and to build knowledge in specific industries or functional areas. We are always looking for innovative ways to provide the best possible learning experiences for our people.


Shaping great careers

Career management and counselling skills are critical for our people and we make a significant investment in helping our people to develop these skills. Our career development programme for our trainees has already had a significant impact in contributing to our success.


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In order to make keyboard navigation easier, some access keys are available, which allow easier menus selection, user-friendly activation of some key commands and shortcut access to some of the most visited pages of the generali.com web site.
Menu’s access keys are browser-independent. They are the following:

  • [CTRL]+[Z] to open the 1st level menu items (in the red bar), [TAB] to select a 2nd level menu item (in the scroll down menu)

Once the chosen item has been selected, click on [ENTER] to activate the required link.
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  • with Chrome, press [ALT] + access key

Please note that, when the access key is a number, you should use the horizontal keys on the upper part of the keyboard, and not the numeric keypad on its right side.

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