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Level Term Life InsurancePrimaryPermanent and disability insurance group provides you comprehensive insurance protection for permanent and total disability by any cause every day 24/7 anywhere in the world.


Permanent and total disability refers to a condition that caused by illness or accidents which causes an individual:

  • Not capable of doing the job, filling positions or carry out a profession, or unable to earn a living forever; or
  • Loss of a body part or total function, with a minimum of two members of the body such as the following:

    o Arm from the wrist to the top.

    o Foot from the ankle up.

    o Eyes

(The situation or loss of this function should last for at least 180 consecutive days).



  • Minimum participation of this program is 10 employees (with a maximum of 59 years at the time of registration, and a maximum of 64 years for the extension of the policy).
  • This benefit applies to employees only

Payments Coverage:

  • Protection of 100 percent if the insured party suffered a total and permanent disability, after 180 days in a row.

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