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Provider List is a list that contains all of Generali’s provider Hospital and Clinics networking.


Customers can have cashless facility while doing treatment in any of Generali’s Hospitals and Clinics. The list is valid based on type of product.


1. Provider Group Health

Corporate customers can have cashless facility for inpatient and / or outpatient treatment (depend on benefit of each cutomers) by showing Generali membership card, then Hospitals or Clinics will do the authorization on Admedika swipe card machine.




2. Provider MedPlan

Individual customers which have MedPlan rider can have cashless facility only for inpatient treatment in the Hospitals by showing Generali membership card, then the Hospitals will do authorization on Admedika swipe card machine.




3. Provider Medical Check Up (MCU)

Clients and prospective clients as requested by Underwriting Department can use all of the Hospitals and Clinics networking for Medical Check Up (MCU) purpose. Clients and prospective clients have to bring Guarantee Letter that issued by Generali Indonesia and also valid identity card (KTP/ Driving License / Passport).
Clients and prospective clients should make an appointment with the Hospitals or Clinics one day before MCU examination.



Please contact Customer Service Generali Indonesia for further and detail information.


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